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Love poetry chapbooks? Here is information for interested chapbook writers, readers, lovers and reviewers.

  1. I am open to receiving your chapbooks. I don’t promise to review every chapbook, but I will list all of them (see “Catalog of Chapbooks”) and I do promise to read every one I am sent. Please mail a copy to The Poetry Cafe at the address below.
  2. My press, Headmistress Press, publishes chapbooks and holds an annual chapbook contest annually. If you wish to review a Headmistress Press chapbook, on this site or another, please contact me and  tell me which book you are interested in, and I will send you a review copy. You can see our chapbooks at our online store.
  3. If your press is having a chapbook contest, please let me know and I will announce it at The Poetry Cafe.
  4. If you wish to submit a chapbook review, please query me first, and I will send you the reviewers’ guidelines.


Contact me on the contact page or via email at: risa@thepoetrycafe.online 

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