Back from AWP and Ready to Review

I was able to meet some of my favorite poets last week at AWP from my perch behind the Headmistress Press booth.

I am back home now and re-energized to move forward with this project of reviewing chapbooks. It’s all about the chapbooks! Here is information for interested chapbook writers, readers, lovers and reviewers.

  1. Headmistress Press, publisher of lesbian/bi/trans poetry, is holding our 5th annual Charlotte Mew Chapbook Contest, from May 4th through July 4th. See details here. You can see (and buy!) our chapbooks at our online store
  2. If you wish to review a Headmistress Press chapbook, on this site or another, please contact me and  tell me which book you are interested in, and I will send you a review copy.
  3. If your press is having a chapbook contest, please let me know and I will announce it at The Poetry Cafe.
  4. I have recieived several chapbooks in the mail. Thank you! I am now open to receiving your chapbooks. I don’t promise to review every chapbook, but I will list all of them (see “Drumroll, please”) and I do promise to read every one I am sent. Please mail a copy to The Poetry Cafe at the address below.
  5. If you wish to submit a chapbook review, please query me first, and I will send you the reviewers’ guidelines.
  6. The next chapbook review will be up soon! Sublime Subliminal, by Rena Priest (Floating Bridge Press, 2018).

Contact me on the contact page or via email at: 

Mail chapbooks to: 
The Poetry Cafe
60 Shipview Ln
Sequim, WA 98382

awp2It’s all about the chapbooks!

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