Interviews: A New Feature at The Poetry Cafe!

Big thanks to all who have been following The Poetry Cafe Online and reading our reviews of poetry chapbooks. I continue to receive chapbooks from near and far, and am amazed at the quality of what I am reading. I am forever grateful to guest reviewers: Sarah Stockton, Jerri Frederickson, Siân Killingsworth and Lennart Lundh who have written such superb reviews. I’m always on the lookout for new reviewers, so please get in touch if you are interested.

Today, The Cafe is opening a new reading room for interviews with authors of poetry chapbooks. We’re starting with Lauren Davis’s review of Jeff Santosuosso’s chapbook, Body of Water. Take a read and enjoy the winding path through the process and rewards of writing.

This means we are open for your interviews too. Please contact me if you want to pitch an interview with your favorite chapbook poet!

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15 Reasons I Write Poetry Reviews

  1. I’ve always wanted to read poems more deeply and with greater compassion.
  2. Writing reviews teaches me to read closely.
  3. It forces me to read slowly, to re-read, to scribble marginalia.
  4. Reading closely engenders intimacy.
  5. Compassionate reading opens the text to diverse interpretations.
  6. It’s helped me to love poems that I’ve always thought I couldn’t love.
  7. I feel an intimacy with the poets whose books I review, even though I may never meet them in person. I imagine them reading my reviews and feeling known.
  8. It was such a lovely surprise to find out I am good at it.
  9. Writing reviews has become my own self-guided MFA program.
  10. I think the poetry world needs more personable, less academic, book reviews.
  11. I love seeing my reviews in print. It makes me feel less marginalized as a poet.
  12. It’s a thrill to receive advance review copies.
  13. So many books of poetry never get reviewed.
  14. So many small independent presses deserve more love. Reviewing the books and chapbooks of presses I admire is my way of showing them some love.
  15. Some days I think, “if my poems don’t reach readers, at least my reviews will.”